The renovation of existing pipelines is required to be done in-situ (on-site).

This provides a demanding requirement of the equipment as site conditions are often difficult for access.

The operation will commence with a survey, video inspection and repair work.

The pipeline is required to be cleaned using a variety of equipment options from blast cleaning, water jetting, chemical cleaning, scraping or boring. Partial replacement maybe included within the repair process.

A range of re-lining solutions are available and one of the most practical requires a liner to be spray applied throughout the entire pipe section creating a new and leak proof layer of pipe within the existing pipe.

The liquid applied membrane automatically seals off all joints and forms a seal around branches and intersections. After coating there is no need to re-enter the pipe to seal around any areas, this is a significant advantage over other sleeve or cured in place systems.

Special linings can be applied which are semi-structural to effectively replace badly degraded pipelines.

Typical lining lengths are up to 250m (775ft) up to 1000mm (40″).

CoverCat provide a choice of rehabilitation equipment depending on the application and volume of material required.

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