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CoverCat CNC is a division of CoverCat providing sub contract machining and engineering services to a wide range of industries locally and nationally.

Being a multi-disciplined engineering business with a strong background in concept design through to actual component production we are well placed to assist our customers with a large number of manufacturing services. High volume repeat parts, reverse-engineered “one offs” and CAD design are a part of our day to day operations.

Alongside the machining capability, CoverCat CNC can also offer light fabrication & welding facilities. Also, through our vast network of suppliers we are well placed to offer fully integrated solutions to customer’s needs & requirements. Given the long history in fully designing our own products, a number of clients have requested CoverCat’s support to design their similar components, this service is now being offered to all customers.

At CoverCat we are passionate about precision engineering. We employ talented and enthusiastic engineers and invest in the latest Computer Aided Manufacturing Equipment. This, combined with a teamwork approach to meeting and exceeding customer expectations has been a cornerstone to the Company’s success.

Our superb state of the art 3D CAD CAM manufacturing and design suite allows detailed analysis of all designs before manufacturing. Experienced and skilled engineers are able to quickly and effectively design and test new machinery whilst also monitoring existing designs.

Latest Twitter Posts From CoverCat

Sample foam/closed cell cut out test today for a client to hold all his kit in one box. S12000rpm F10000. Could still push harder! Just a little bit of that going the extra mile!

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Last crate of 3 before Christmas to arrive before the new year. Delivered to the airport by our own transport. Happy flying and see you on the other side!

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Check out our new Instagram page showing more pictures of items we have made.

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