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CoverCat Pipeline Engineering was formed in 1992 to expand the services of CoverCat Equipment into a new market. Pipeline coating is a diverse market comprising of both new pipe factory application and pipeline renovation for existing older pipelines.

We have developed a range of bespoke machinery for internal pipeline coating including our unique PipeSnake system which has the ability to navigate bends and inclines and even verticals in existing pipeline arrangements. We provide on-site support, training and service for a range of products from manual hand operated up to fully integrated computer control and automated equipment.

We have equipment capability from 50mm (2 inches) to 4 meters (12 ft) and a reach of 300 meters (up to 1000 ft). Our containerised pipe coating plant is a fully integrated, one-stop solution for internal and external pipe blasting and painting for batch production application in 100mm to 600mm in 12 meter lengths.

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