CoverCat 302TP


The CoverCat series of In Situ Spray Lining Machines have been developed for internal coating and renovation of new and existing pipeline systems. The machine may be utilised on vertical and horizontal pipes and may also apply coatings to a pipe including a bend upto a radius of 2D and a 22.5degree curve.

The CoverCat 302TP -500 lining machine is suited for coating of small diameter pipelines, 3” – 10” (75 – 250 mm)
The standard machine comprises a 2 part system of Pumping and control unit with a separate Lining winch and hose reel system, allowing for coating of maximum 500feet (150 m) pipeline sections. Larger drum and longer hose lengths can be supplied but must be specified prior to order.

The equipment is capable of handling rapid cure and filled materials mixing and gelling within 60 seconds and can be set up to apply many different materials from PU – rapid setting polymeric lining systems, to epoxy resin systems, as notified to CoverCat at the time of manufacture.

A wide range of mix ratios are available and conversion between different products can be easily achieved.



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