Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

The protection of steel from the effects of Fire in Hydrocarbon environments requires a coating application by specialist equipment and materials to provide a Passive Fire Barrier Coating.

A thick film coating of up to 20mm is applied with reinforcement materials. In the event of a fire the coating provides a heat resistant shield to protect the steel substrate from the effects of the fire which could cause weakening and collapse of the structure.

This provides an extended time for escape, containment and rescue operations and improved opportunity for repair and rebuilding.

The protection provided is passive as it protects from some of the effects of the fire but cannot prevent or control the spread of the fire as in more active and reactive solutions it is therefore an important part of the process of a fire containment system.

CoverCat provides a full range of equipment options to assist the applicator of epoxy intrumescent materials with additional technical support and certified training programmes.


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