Shipbuilding and Ship Repair

Ships require special protection from the elements, environments and cargo.

All areas can benefit from Plural Component application of epoxy and similar plural component materials. Environmental factors and waste disposal are of increasing concern in the marine industry. The application of heavy duty coatings in large volumes requires specialist equipment to reduce this impact.

Present methods employ large quantities of small 20ltr (5gal) paint containers with residual waste to be handled, manually mixed and disposed of. This is labour intensive, hazardous and inefficient.

Additionally, application requires many single gun pump units which spray the pre-mixed material, these need to operated individually and regularly flushed with large quantities of solvents which are then treated as hazardous wastes. These solvents also present a problem with fire risk and environmental pollution.

A further factor is the maintenance cost to the spray equipment as it is heavily worn by residues of partially flushed materials. Plural component equipment removes the need for small containers and reduces solvent consumption by as much as 90% producing significant financial and environmental savings.

Component materials can be provided to the equipment in 200ltr (55gal) or 1000ltr (250gal) containers which can be refilled by the paint supplier, this presents significant financial savings in waste disposal and handling.

The equipment can be centrally located and the use of long hose assemblies to deliver coating materials around the vessel provides material handling benefits.

Proven return on investment has shown capital payback in as little as 3 months with existing CoverCat clients and after this the use of CoverCat Plural Component Multi-Gun Equipment contributes significant savings to the client and increased profitability.


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