CoverCat 400HV


The CoverCat 400HV is a Compressed Air powered High Volume metering and spray or dispensing pump mounted on a frame or cart unit with option lift frame avaiable.

It is set to a fixed dispense ratio of 1:1 for use with Solvent Free 1:1 mix ratio plural component materials

It can be fitted with other ratio settings by changing pumps.

The fixed ratio system is a longstanding method supporting reliability from CoverCat designs and made entirley in the UK.

The unit is succsessfully used in a number of areas where a high volume application to a tight schedule is key.

The use of the 400 Air Motor and the new control system allows a free flowing air passage to greatly improve what was already superior power.

With a slimline design the unit can be fitted into tight spaces and allows passage through a 800mm wide doorway possible.

The Unit comes supplied with 1” air inlet which includes Air Filter, Regulator with pressure gauge and Lubricator. All are all made from metal case components to avoid damage in industrial areas.

The unit capable of high pressure delivery of 18.8 litres/min (4.1gpm) at 20 cycles/min.

Hose lengths up to 45m can be used with a standard 5 meter whip hose also to a total of 50metres.
Maximum elevation is recommended at 20 metres between machine and spray gun.

The unit is also available in various formats customised to individual reqirements



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