CoverCat 452


The CoverCat 452 is the largest most powerful plural component spray system made by CoverCat and has no equal in capacity or capability. A high volume, heavy duty spray system with cart mounted 55 Gallon (200litre) Feed drums. The System is regularly used in Shipyards and supplies up to 6 spray guns on indiviual hoses to 500feet (150 meters) from the unit. It has been extensively employed in Shipyards in the USA with great effect. The heavy duty cart with lift frame option is highly portable. It is a self contained unit requiring only air and power supplies to enable operation.



  • Medium to Large Applications
  • Shipbuilding and Ship Repair
  • Heavy Fabrication & Construction
  • Tank Coating
  • Pipelining


  • 1 to 6 Gun Capability
  • Portable System
  • Simple to Operate
  • 200litre (55Gallon) Drum Feed System
  • Remote Mix Manifold Options
  • Control Panel with Emergency Stop
  • Material Tank Options
  • Heavy Duty Cart with Forklift Slots
  • Lift Frame Options
  • Operators manual and guidance notes.


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Today we passed our first stage audit for iso9001:2015.

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Well done team!

Sample foam/closed cell cut out test today for a client to hold all his kit in one box. S12000rpm F10000. Could still push harder! Just a little bit of that going the extra mile!

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