CoverCat 455


Hot and cold pressure washing equipment for industrial and marine locations. The Pressure Washing Equipment is specifically designed for use in Industrial and Marine locations where electrical and diesel-powered equipment cannot easily be used. The systems are mounted on a heavy duty four wheel cart base with integral forklift pockets and lift frame options.Hot water and cold water versions available, including Eex rated options providing many safety advantages.

The systems have multi-purpose capabilities including Chemical, Abrasive and Hot water Cleaning etc. Compatible with Clean, Brackish and Sea Water supplies.

455H Hot Water System
455C Cold Water System



  • Chemical, Abrasive and Hot Water Cleaning
  • Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemical


  • Clean, Brackish or SeaWater Compatible
  • Compressed Air Powered Pump.
  • Hot and Cold Equipment Range
  • Multi-purpose Capability
  • Portable System
  • Heavy Duty Cart with Forklift Slots
  • Lift Frame Options
  • Heating Options.
  • Water Tank Options
  • EEx Hazardous Area Options
  • Stainless Steel Hard Chromed Pump
  • Simple Operation and Maintenance
  • Operators manual and guidance notes


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Today we passed our first stage audit for iso9001:2015.

Stage 2 already booked.

Well done team!

Sample foam/closed cell cut out test today for a client to hold all his kit in one box. S12000rpm F10000. Could still push harder! Just a little bit of that going the extra mile!

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