CoverCat 306VR


Covercat now offers a fixed spray machine with a simple mechanical  adjustable ratio yoke system. The ratio is fixed at all times during use and so provides accurate ratio control without the concern of any electronic or sliding scale adjustment. To change ratio between products simply release a clamp screw and move the pump to the correct pin located position and tighten the clamp screw. This  means that operator error and other factors are virtually eliminated and a simple ratio  test allows the system to be prepared for  any new product. Pressure Output up to 5500 psi (360 bar ) and delivery to 1.25 gallons ( 6 litres)/minute are achievable at normal stroke  rates.


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Medium to Large Applications
Shipbuilding and Ship Repair
Heavy Fabrication & Construction
Tank Coating

Adjustable mix ratio
Compact Portable System
Simple to Operate
Removable Feed Pumps
Remote Mix Manifold Options
Heating Options
Material Tank Options
Air Maintenance Kit
Paint Filtration
Operators manual and guidance notes

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